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This is M.

In 2015, Berkeley songwriter Kyle Terrizzi walked into an unfamiliar used bookstore. A lifelong skeptic, he nevertheless found himself standing with his palms turned upwards, meditating, aware in his bones that he had tuned into something important. He closed his eyes, and -- as if pulled by unseen forces -- walked without hesitation until he was standing in front of the I Ching, an ancient Chinese book of divination and philosophy. He opened it, and read from the first page, thunderstruck.

He didn’t have a choice. He bought it.

“It was like a key turning in my brain,” says Terrizzi. “Finding that book felt like encountering my true self for the first time.”

Terrizzi, who had been writing and performing music in the Bay Area as The Plastic Arts since 2009, immersed himself in the I Ching. The spiritual awakening that followed inspired him to abandon his previous work and launch an entirely new creative life as M. the Heir Apparent.

In the two years since, Terrizzi has been on a journey, and he’d like to take you on one too...